Mother’s Day for the Last Minute Shopper

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We are officially 3+ days away from Mother’s Day, and if you are like most people, you have waited until the last minute to decide what on earth to honor your mom (or wife, sister, friend, etc) for Mother’s Day.   It can be a daunting task, and even more of one if the mother in your life has taken on a new quest for healthiness. Changes in eating habits, size, activities and even hobbies make it a challenge to keep up with these new moms who are setting and breaking goals every day.  Never fear, I am here with your last minute guide to Mother’s Day shopping for the fit mom!

Personal Shopping Consultant

As moms lose weight and see their body change, it often takes a very long time for the mind to catch up.  We still see ourselves as the chubby mom in the mirror and often times we are embarrassed by our clothing.  We have all seen the mom who is loosing weight who still wears the baggy and ill fitting clothing.  A great Mother’s Day gift for this mom would be a gift certificate to a session with a Professional Image Consultant.  These professionals go on a shopping trip with individuals and help them find clothes that maximizes the good and disguises the “in progress” in an effort to help us feel better about our bodies and our new look.  The Association of Image Consultants has a wonderful search tool on their website,, to help you find a local image consultant, and their fees are very affordable.

Cooking Classes

cooking-class-demonstrationIf you are like me, you have typed “Low Fat Chicken Recipe” into Google so many times that you’ve begun to wonder if you are going to turn into a low fat chicken.  After a while, embracing a new eating plan can become boring!  Many local cooking schools, appliance stores, and restaurant supply stores have cooking classes that are getting on the bandwagon of healthy meal preparation.  A gift certificate to a low fat cooking class from a cuisine that is new to the mom in your life would make a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift while showing her that you support her new goal of healthy eating!

Fitness MagazinesMagazines

Many moms live in a “hurry up and wait” mode throughout the day.  We rush from point to point and often have 5-10 minutes of waiting time between events.  Fitness magazines and subscriptions to online fitness e-zines make great gifts to fill those little periods of empty time.  With options for almost every fitness activity from running to yoga, and cooking magazines such as Cooking Light and Weight Watchers, there are many choices that make great gifts.  Purchase gift subscriptions online and most magazines offer printable cards that can be slipped into a Mother’s Day card for a great last minute gift that lasts all year!

Electronic Gadgets

garmin405-6 For moms wanting to become more active, there are hosts of fitness gadgets that help keep moms motivated and informed.  Do you have a new walker or runner?  Consider a Garmin Forerunner device.  Many of these devices have GPS that allow you to track your distance, pace, even elevation.  Heart rate monitors also are a great option to help learn how hard you are working.  A few years ago, my loving husband invested in a body fat scale system to help me track my body fat loss.  Body fat scales are great tools to help monitor not only fat loss, but hydration levels to help ensure great progress.  Most of these devices can be found at local running and sporting good stores at great prices. 

Event Registration

For moms who like competitive events, a great gift to encourage and support her in her goals is to pay for her entry into a race or competition.   Local 5k races, cycling events, tennis tournaments, or even stair climb competitions all help drive moms by activating that competitive spirit.  Couple this with a promise to be there supporting her and you have found a wonderful way to not only encourage her with your words, but with your presence.  If you have more to spend, consider destination activities.  Rock climbing camps, running camps, yoga retreats, and tennis camps are all fun trips to allow mom to get away from the everyday while mixing in the fun of their favorite activity!

Whatever you give your mom for Mother’s Day, make sure you let her know that you support her in the changes she is trying to make for her health and for her family.  Encouragement goes a long way in helping everyone stay motivated.  What a great day to celebrate the wonderful mothers we have and the powerful, strong women we are all becoming!


~ by Shawna on May 6, 2010.

One Response to “Mother’s Day for the Last Minute Shopper”

  1. all great ideas, shawna! HOWEVER, if any of my
    kids are reading this, “i still want chocolate!!!”

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